Another lead-in for aspen tree paintings: puddles

"Star of the Show" oil on linen canvas 24x36 Available at Weiler House Gallery in Ft. Worth, Texas
“Star of the Show” oil on linen canvas 24×36
Available at Weiler House Gallery in Ft. Worth, Texas

This large painting was done from several studies I did in Rocky Mountain National Park. I often work this way because it gives me the truest colors and values, much more accurate than a camera, because it is what I saw, not what the camera saw. I added the puddles in the road for a reason.

Breaking the rules a little
Have a plan and a reason for everything you do.

I decided that another way to lead into the painting could be puddles, placed in strategic places, not just at random, to work in the painting. The largest puddle in the foreground is mostly in the shadow, so it won’t distract, but the right top edge of it forms a sharp “pointer” to the main aspen on the right. Click on the painting to enlarge it and see what I’m talking about. Then the logs take over and hopefully further lead you to the aspen tree.

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