How do I unify aspen trees with other subjects in the painting?

“Cold Feet” 20×30 Oil

“Cold Feet” is a good example of unifying the deer with the surrounding aspen trees. In the first place, I used a very limited palette (mainly red, yellow and blue, the primary colors) for the whole painting, so it was unified that way from the beginning. Also, I used the same colors I painted the deer with on most of the aspen trees and also repeated some in the background. Even the highlights on the deer and one the aspen trees are mixed out of the same white and yellows.

A  way to unify the snow with the rest of the painting is to first tone the canvas with the deer colors (wipe excess off with paper towel or rag so it’s a thin tone) and let a little of this tone show through the snow in spots. Click on “Cold Feet” to enlarge it and see the tone showing through the snow better.

This is what we will work on in my three upcoming oil workshops in November and December of this year and January, 2018.  I’ll demonstrate what I call “bending a color” to unify paintings. If a painting is unified, it all “goes together” in a pleasing manner to the viewer, and the viewer probably will not even realize why he or she is so attracted to the painting. See list of workshops and locations on my web site, under “Exhibits, Events and Classes.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!